$7.25 each USD

The invigorating flavor of peppermint and the rejuvenating clean taste of spearmint, means that Tazo has created a perfect herbal tea to naturally perk you up and make you feel refreshed.

Refresh is a mixture of Mother Earth’s finest dried herbs and leaves, so it is naturally, 100% caffeine free. There are no "tea leaves" in this beverage so it is often called an herbal infusion. This beverage infusion you simply can't pass up. Delicious hot or cold, Refresh will surprise you with the whisper of sweet licorice flavored tarragon that will leave you longing for more.

This box of briskly fragrant Refresh tea is perfect to keep in the office, in the glove box, or to share with a friend anytime you long for a little fresh clean flavor. Isn't it time you drank something that offers you the benefits of nature without the caffeine worries?