El Salvador 'Cuzcachapa'

$37.25 each USD

The plantations in Cuzcachapa are dedicated to providing delicious coffee that is not harmful to the environment, while also creating a delicious coffee that brews into a full body of flavor with a vibrant acidity and intricate flavors of citrus essences. With the Organic El Salvador Cuzcachapa coffee, you receive a socially responsible coffee grown under environmentally friendly conditions that proves flavorful with each sip.

Cuzcachapa plantations have been named as the best coffee companies in El Salvador. Since this region has become so well respected, it has become the official processing mill for the annual "Cup of Excellence" competition since 2005. Experience the reasons why this coffee and its native soil have received such hype. With an invigorating aroma and light acidity, you'll appreciate every sip of this delectable and lightly roasted coffee.