Bourque Newswatch Blend Café Blend

$10.25 each USD

When Pierre Bourque, a Canadian Internet entrepreneur and journalist, contacted Java House we were honored that he was such a huge fan of our coffee. An internet journalist, painter, accomplished screenwriter, and author of four books, we decided to take his repertoire one step further and collaborate with him on making his very own coffee blend. When it came to naming the brew, he named it in honor of his sensational news website called, "Bourque Newswatch."

We used a subtle blend of Caribbean beans to make the star of Bourque Newswatch his perfect blend and now we want to share it with you! Bourque Newswatch Blend is a blended coffee that is sure to make headlines. The Bourque Blend has been reviewed and the reports are in..."it is delightful!" Order this blended coffee today, and surrender to the spell of the Caribbean mystery. Enjoy!